Friday, October 8, 2010

WHEN COMES the SPRING by Janette Oke

This was book 2 in the series and you really need to read book one first, because book 2 starts right up where the first book leaves off. This story finds Elizabeth beginning her life with Wynn, but where they are sent by the North West Mounted Police leaves alot to be desired. Elizabeth must learn how to live simply where no other white women live and to learn to handle the long and cruel winters. Can their love for each other endure through the harsh conditions, the loneliness and the daily hardships of life?
I enjoyed reading of Elizabeth's life, and really came to appreciate her new friend Mrs. McLain. When she comes to understand how all the Bible stories she has been reading are true, it was just a precious and well written moment. I always appreciate it when the author explains the gospel plan in her books. Looking forward to book 3.

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