Saturday, October 30, 2010

SIMPLE GIFTS by Lori Copeland

Marlene Queens was just suppose to go "back home" to Parnass Springs, Missouri, to get her late Aunt Beth's house ready to sell and settle her estate. Then she was going to get "out of town" before anyone found out the lie she has been living. Folks there think she is happily married to Noel and has a daughter and 2 grandkids. The lie is that Noel left her shortly after her daughter Sara was born for another woman and has since passed away. But Marlene is too proud to admit she made a mistake by marrying and leaving Parness Springs. But Marlene didn't know how much her Aunt Ingrid would need her, how the town's wanting to put a statue up in memory of her father would cause such problems and how her heart longed to stay and reunite with her childhood sweetheart, Vic. Can Marlene let go of her pride, confess her life was a lie and will God give her the future she was always wanted?
This story had alot of humor in it, alot of crazy days for Marlene with her Aunt Ingrid, alot of sorrow over remembering how she treated her Dad, and alot of yearning for someone she thinks she can never share a life with. It will take a major storm to bring Marlene and Vic together, but will it be too late by then?
I enjoyed reading this story.

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