Monday, November 1, 2010

IN THE SHADOW of EVIL by Robin Caroll

Robin Caroll does an excellent job of writing suspenseful mysteries with a message. This was another good story that had you wondering "who did it". I would like to thank the author and B & H Publishing for giving me a copy for review. This was an advanced reader copy, as the actual book is not available yet, but will be soon.
Although there are numerous characters you will get to know in this story it is mainly about Layla, a lady who has fought hard to make a name for herself in the construction business, and Maddox, a detective who loves his job, but is leary of getting too close to any one woman.
When a house Layla has just built is burnt to the ground, and a dead body is found murdered in the rubble, Maddox and his partner are called in to investigate. Both Layla and Maddox want to figure out who did it and why, but neither one wants to work with each other or trust each other. Both Layla and Maddox also have a problem with forgiveness with things that have happened in their past. I appreciated the way they each had to deal with it in their life and the peace that forgiveness brought to them.
This story kept me turning the pages to see what would happen next. I liked the banter between Maddox and his partner, the love and loyalty Layla and Alana had as sisters and the slow but steady feelings Maddox and Layla grew to have for each other. I also liked trying to figure out who the "bad guy" was. Another good job Robin Caroll!

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Robin Caroll said...

Thanks, Judy! Glad you enjoyed the book