Tuesday, November 23, 2010

MAGGIE'S TRUST by Donna Boden

This is a story of Maggie and her quest to learn to trust and forgive all over again. Maggie has always had her eye on Jake McCormick, so when he finally starts to notice Maggie things begin to happen fast. But Jake had a bad first marriage, so trusting women isn't his strong point. Jake leads wagon trains west to Oregon; so when he leaves this time, he breaks Maggie's trust and heart. Jake discovers although he is thousands of miles away, he can't forget about his girl Maggie. But when he returns, can Maggie ever trust him again with her heart. They both need to discover the true meaning of love as God designed it.
This was a new author for me and I thought she did a great job. I enjoyed reading this story and hated to see the story end. There is another book coming out in the series about Maggie's sister and Jake's brother and I look forward to reading it.

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