Monday, November 8, 2010


This was a great sequel to "The Fugitive Heart".
Elizabeth Carmeron is 19 and has had a very troubled past. She has decided to take her 5 year old Indian son and move to Belton, Texas to leave her past and men behind her. She has seen her Mom and sister killed by Indians, was raised by Indians and later abused by them. Her father, upon her escape, treated her with contempt and cruelty. Upon his death she is finally free! But fear for her son Joseph makes her keep a terrible secret, that he is not her son, she is just raising an Indian boy.
Caleb Martin has secretly been assigned, by Elizabeth's brother, to travel with her and keep an eye on her for awhile. In doing so he will gain a governor's pardon for his past mistakes (which you can read about the the first book). They were brought together by God and though they each fight their feelings for each other, the love they have cannot be kept hidden. The problem is they both have a past they need to explain to each other and deal with themselves.
Elizabeth feels she has to work to obtain holiness and the dear lady she cares for, Anna, has to teach her "we aren't holy because of our work for the Lord but because of the Lord's work for us. In us." There was so much good godly wisdom from Anna in this story. She did so much to soften and bring together two strong willed people, Elizabeth and Caleb.
There was tragedy, love, danger and alot of forgiveness in the story and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this series. I only wish more stories would have followed, as there were other characters I would have liked to known more about.

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