Saturday, November 6, 2010

The FUGITIVE HEART by Jane Orcutt

This story gets added to my favorites list because it was so good. There were ALOT of twists and turns to the story and it never went the direction I thought it would go which kept me wondering what would take place next. It spanned alot of years but kept you focused and interested in all the characters. It is a story of learning about true love, forgiveness and an acceptance of God and Him knowing what is best for us, no matter the circumstances.
Samantha loved growing up on the Kansas prairie with her brother Caleb and his best friend Nathan and their families. She just wanted to love God and someday grow up and marry Nathan, her childhood sweetheart. But the War between the States breaks out and Samantha has her home, her parents and her brother and best friend taken from her. Fast forward 6 years and she is shocked to be reunited with her brother and Nathan, but neither are the "boys" she grew up with. They are now physically and emotionally scarred men who she later finds out are hiding from the law, for theft and murder. But Samantha still loves her brother and Nathan and although her love can cause her to make wrong choices, she never gives up on her God and His ability to change a life. You won't regret reading this story!

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Sherry Kuhn said...

I see it's one of your favorites too! I love this story. I really think it was Jane's best work! Wish she could have given life to some other characters like George.