Friday, November 26, 2010

A LOVE So STRONG by Arlene James

This for me was just a feel good romance story and I really enjoyed it. Pastor Marcus Wheeler would sure like God to send him a good woman to fall in love with and marry, but when Nicole Archer walks into his life, he is pretty sure she isn't that woman. She is to young for him and a little too unconventional in her dress for a pastor's wife. But he does need to help her with her dilemna at home with her alcoholic father and her 13 year old brother. The problem is he can't stop his feelings for her that continue to grow. I just enjoyed watching the two of them "fall in love" and at the same time wanting what God wanted for them in their life. As the author said in her book, God has a plan and if the plan wasn't what we thought it would be our job as his child is to sublimate our desires to His will. Because in the end we will see that God's plans are indeed perfect and beautiful and done with love. Good job Arlene James!

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