Thursday, November 25, 2010

PREACHER MAN by Laurie Larsen

My rating on this book doesn't have so much to do with how the book was written, because I thought the story line was interesting and the characters seemed real. Regan Samuels is a newly divorced Mom with a teenage son struggling to work through the change in her life at this time. She finds herself at a Charity Auction as one of the prizes on bidding on a date. Josh Gregory is a pastor who "bids" and wins a date with Regan. Regan has no religious interest or background but dating Josh has opened a whole new world to her.
I don't want to get long and involved in my review, so let's just say I had a hard time with the whole dating a non-believer, especially as a Pastor. This just wasn't a story I agreed with completely even though the author did a good job of writing it. I thought one of the best parts of the book was when Regan was talking to a group of young people and she said, "Do you ever feel like it's all up to you? That everything in your life is yours alone to figure out, to work through?. . . . God doesn't force his way, uninvited, into our day-to-day lives. He waits until we're ready for Him. . . . If we have our heads in the sand - like I have, most my life - and don't know that we're ready for Him, He sends us something else - a person, a situation - which makes us realize that we need to rely on Him.." And that is what God did for Regan in this story.

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