Sunday, November 28, 2010

The HEART of a MAN by Deb Kastner

This was a delightful quick romance story. Dustin Fairfax doesn't care so much about appearances or money, unless it comes to helping people. But in order for him to acquire his trust fund his late father left to him, he must have a "make over" to prove he is worthy of the money. Isobel Buckley is an image consultant who has been given the task of "improving" Dustin. Image is everything, or so Isobel thought, until she met and got to know the real Dustin Fairfax. Her client's kind heart quickly showed her that it is what is in the heart of a man that really matters.
I enjoyed reading this story and thought it had a good message to go with it. It doesn't take that long to read but it was a nice refreshing time for me.

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