Tuesday, November 30, 2010

DINING with JOY by Rachel Hauck

I feel this author gets better with each book she writes. This was my favorite in her "A Lowcountry Romance" series! It was witty, charming, and a "joy" to read.
Joy Ballard is the host of an up and coming cooking show that has been picked up by a major network. A slight problem though, Joy can't cook! Anything! (This was some of the fun of the story, but also hard to believe part of the story). She has had a great team behind her helping her "cover up" her inability to cook. Enter Luke Redmond, a creative, cute and jobless chef who has lost his Manhattan restaurant to bankruptcy. He joins Joy's team and Joy sees her way out of cooking, by handing the cooking part over to Luke, while she does the "stand up comic" part of cooking. Their relationship seems to simmer on the air and off, but when Joy's cooking secret (she can't cook) is revealed her reputation is ruined, she fears she is losing Luke and things at home aren't going so well either. Can Joy figure out what God's will for her life is?
I really enjoyed the interaction and "sizzle" between Luke and Joy. I also got a kick out of Joy's Mom and appreciated the way Joy related to her neices. Although this book can be easily read as a stand alone, if you read the other two in the series first, you will understand some of the other characters mentioned in the book better. But if you only read one book in this series, I recommend you choose this one; it is my favorite!

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