Thursday, April 7, 2011

AFTER THE RAINS by Deborah Raney

This was the sequel to Deobrah Raney's "Beneath a Southern Sky" and I highly recommend you read book one before you read this book. They were both excellent. This story picks up and continues in the lives of those you are introduced to in book one. Daria's daughter, Natalie is the main character in this story and it takes you through the struggles she is going through in her life and how the choices her parents made long ago have an impact upon her even now. As the tries to figure out her life as a teenager she makes a terrible mistake that has lasting consequences in her life. But God is good and can work all things out for His glory and you will see how He does that as you finish this story (I don't want to give anything away about the ending - but you will like it and wish it wouldn't have ended quite so quickly!).

I cannot praise Deborah Raney enough for the way she weaved these two stories together and how I appreciated the excellent way she handled this very difficult storyline. I felt like I was reading a true story and could understand and sympathize with the characters involved. It was very true to life with no perfect characters; they all had faults, but God works through imperfect people, which shows the beauty and love He has for us. I highly recommend both these books!!

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