Saturday, April 16, 2011


This was a book with 3 short stories in them (which I thoroughly enjoyed). What I liked almost as much as the stories though was reading the author, Marcia Lynn McClure's notes after each story and her little snippets. I felt like I got to know her and her "girlfriends" and I know they would be a "hoot" to be around. I enjoyed reading and coming across an unfamiliar term and wondering if she put that in the story for her friends. A big thank you to Marcia for allowing us a look into your "beginnings" as an author.

I too am a big fan of the whole governess who finds herself falling in love with the lord of the manor, which is what the first story is all about. Then there is the young lady who finds herself betrothed to a man she hardly knows who has a wicked father who she is afraid of. And finally you have the story of a young woman snowbound and isolated from everyone, except for the man who rescued her and is "enduring" her until winter is past. All three I enjoyed. (And I loved how the shirt came off in each story and the reason behind this - read the author's notes to find out why). These are fun, enjoyable and very romantic reads; easy to read and enjoy!

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