Thursday, April 21, 2011

SMOKE BEFORE the WIND by Diana Wallis Taylor

Carrie Dickson, who is not interested in another "relationship" finds herself "swept off her feet" by a handsome and rich young man, Andrew Van Zant. When she returns home to her family in a mountain community to make hasty preparations for fast approaching wedding she renews a friendship with Scott Spencer; a man who in high school she had a huge crush on. Carrie must examine her heart to see who she truly loves and which one would share her faith in God and help her in her walk with the Lord. It might be to late for her to voice her true feelings when a fire threatens to destroy all she really cares about.

Although I enjoyed reading this story, there were a few things in the story that didn't ring true for me. I thought everything happened a little too quickly near the end of the story, but did appreciate how the author finished the book. There was a good theme though for me in the book in that we can quickly get caught up in a relationship for the wrong reasons and let our heart rule instead of our head. I think I enjoyed Scott's ending declaration to Carrie at the end of the book the best.

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