Monday, April 4, 2011


I have been reading some really good books lately and this one I must say is right up there with the best. I will warn you to be sure to read this with a box of kleenex by your side because as you get to the end you will need them. It was a powerful message of love and how God will work things out for good, even when we mess up by trying to make decisions on our own without seeking His will. The characters seemed so real (they all had flaws and differing emotions at times and you could sympathize with each one of them) that I almost could think I was reading a real-life story.

>Daria Camfield and her husband Nate are missionaries in a remote village in South America. When Nate is reportedly killed Daria comes back to the States with alot of heartache, but the comfort of knowing she is pregnant with Nate's child. Fast foward to her getting a job at a veterinarian's office and working for Colson Hunter, and trying to raise her little girl. Fast forward again to Daria and Cole falling in love and getting married and being one happy family, with another child on the way. Then comes the news that her first husband Nate is not dead and has been found and is coming home. Now Daria must decide which man she must choose, when she loves them both.

>The author did such a good job with this story. It was an interesting plot and she handled it so well! You felt for Daria and Cole and Nate and the dilemna they were in. I won't spoil the ending, but I will say WELL DONE Deborah Raney. This is a book I will not forget and will be thinking about for awhile. I closed the book with tears in my eyes as there was no happily ever after without someone getting their heart broken. But God can turn this tragedy around for His glory. And I think book 2 in this series will hopefully show me how He continues to work all things out for His good.

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