Friday, October 14, 2011

BLIND DATES by Hunter, Coble, Huston, & Billerbeck

This was a good romantic Novella. I liked many aspects of these 4 stories. 1)I liked the beginning Prologue, which set the tone and theme of all four stories; of a Grandma who sets out to find a mate for each of her 4 granddaughters. 2) I liked how each author had different yet good message on the plan of God and how even with our best laid plans, we need to leave the final outcome up to the One who knows best. 3) Yes the outcomes in each of these stories is one you will instantly know, but it sure is fun watching how it all comes out and since I love a good romance, these stories fit my idea of a good story. 4) In most novellas there might be one or two stories that aren’t as good, but in this Novella, I enjoyed each story equally and would have a hard time picking which one I liked best. I just thought this was a Novella well worth your reading, especially if you are a romantic at heart.

In story one you will see the need to not be too hasty in reacting to a blind date that doesn’t show up. Chelsea sends the blind date a rather hurtful e-mail telling her blind date what she thinks of him, finds out that the nice guy fixing up her apartment building was the blind date. It gets interesting from there on out. In story two Grandma tries to get her successful interior designer, Callie, hooked up with a architect. In story three Melissa finds herself trying to drive off her latest blind date when she realizes that he wasn’t really a blind date, but just the new youth pastor coming to call. Story four is about Matttie who is set up by Grandma to renew a relationship with Jeff, “the one who got away” years ago.

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