Friday, October 14, 2011

RESTORATIONS by Bonnie Blythe

This was another fun romantic read. I am a big fan of Bonnie Blythe and her romantic reads and this was another story that didn’t disappoint. Sara Anderson finds herself back in Buell Creek, Oregon, a “sleepy hamlet nestled in the Cascade Mountains”. She is back for her Grandfather’s funeral and staying with Aunt Hattie. She has inherited her Grandfather’s property and discovers that the person who is renting the the smaller house on Grandpa’s property is Brian Farris, a man Sara once thought she loved when she was a college student. Brian then was someone she “ thought about constantly and wasn’t content unless they were touching. Looking back, she wondered if she’d been more obsessed than in love.” Sara later realized that she had turned her back on God to be with Brian. After overhearing a conversation Brian had with his roommate about her, she left him a note and walked away from Brian. Now years later Brian wants to show Sara he is a changed man, someone who has found the Lord and now wants to win Sara back. He ends up helping her turn the old house into a bed and breakfast. At first Sara doesn’t want his attention, then discovers that he really has changed and then gets frustrated that Brian isn’t showing her enough attention. Brian never stopped loving Sara and now his hope was that they could restore their relationship God’s way. I liked the way these two people grew to love each other all over again, this way the proper way. Another well written romance.

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