Thursday, October 6, 2011

WAGERED HEART by Robin Lee Hatcher

I just enjoyed reading this story. It had a little bit of everything in it and the story kept moving and kept my attention. Bethany Silverton and her parents arrive in Sweetwater, Montana, leaving the "easy" life of Philadelphia behind them. Bethany wagers a good friend that she can get a certain cowboy to attend her father's new church within a month. Hawk Chandler is the cowboy, but he doesn't think he could ever be worthy of Bethany's attention. The admitting of their love for each other is a long time coming with alot of joy and sorrows along the way. Honesty and openess is always important in a relationship and this story proves this to be soooo true! There is alot going on in this story, which kept me turning the pages. I just had a good time reading this book and appreciated the way the author incorporated the importance of relying upon the Lord in all situations. Bethany and Hawk were both good characters you will learn to appreciate and enjoy.

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