Monday, October 24, 2011


This was a fast paced journey with alot of history and romance throughout the story. This story was made even more special and dear to me because I personally know the author and I have also seen the "camelback trunk" that this story was written around, and I know that many of the things in this story actually took place. One of the aspects of a good book is when you want to keep reading the story so you can see what happens next. I found myself experiencing that in this story.

Maggie Mae Flynn and her good friend Lilly find themselves joining a wagon train headed to Oregon, along with several other single ladies, who have men waiting to hopefully marry them when they arrive, sight unseen. But the journey is long and Maggie finds that she is falling in love with the wagon scout Everett Hickok, who has some secrets of his own. There are obstacles to overcome and a destination to reach and along the way you will get to know all these single ladies and their stories and discover things about each one. At first it was hard to keep track of all the people I was meeting, but as you read you begin to know and keep track of everyone. There is danger, hardships and alot of secrets, but through it all true love will prevail. This is one of this author's best stories!

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