Monday, February 13, 2012

HOLIDAY HAVOC by Terri Reed & Stephanie Newton

This is two short stories in one small book. Both are romantic suspense stories set around the holidays. In Yuletide Sanctuary you have Sean Matthews trying to keep Lauren Curtis safe from an attacker who is out for vengence. This one was a good short suspense story that even though you know the outcome, you aren't sure how or when it will happen.

In Christmas Target you might remember some of the characters if you have read any of the Emerald Coast series. Police officer Maria Fuentes finds herself the "prize" in a dating contest she did not enter (but her buddies on the force did as a joke). Now she finds herself spending a weekend with a weatherman, Ben Storm, who is in danger and his "date" is the only one he can trust.

Both stories were well written and I enjoyed the suspense in each one. A quick but enjoyable read!

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