Saturday, February 11, 2012


A book centered around two people who are very different, yet alot alike. Where you will find enjoyable and fun episodes and then dangerous and evil men. Where love is in the air, but also hatred and anger at the ones we should love. A range of emotions going on in this story, which kept it interesting and very enjoyable. I was laughing at loud at times. Although you can read this as a stand alone and enjoy it, it would be so much better if you read the first two in this series (Montana Rose, and The Husband Tree) because there are some characters from the first two books in this story and they are fun to get to know first.

Glowing Sun (Abby) is a white woman raised by the Indians. Wade Sawyer comes to her rescue as her Indian village is being slaughtered by wicked men and taking her hostage. She knows how to handle a knife very well and while Wade watches over her, she has a tendency to get angry and pull out her knife at any and all times. Wade takes her back to his father's ranch, where he has gone to help out his father who has been injured. There is no love between father and son, there is cattle rustlers on the loose and there is Wade, determined to get Abby to love and marry him. It is an enjoyable story which I had fun reading.

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