Tuesday, February 7, 2012

THE INHERITANCE by Tamera Alexander

This is a story where you will fall in love with the two main characters, McKenna and Wyatt. Tamera Alexander did such a good job of making these people seem real. Their struggles and their joys were ones so easily identifiable in life. I felt what it was like to be in Colorado in the 1870's with the scenery, the gambling halls, the brawls, the Chinese folks and the robberies, they all seemed very true-to-life.

McKenna Ashford finds herself having to move to Copper Creek, Colorado with her younger brother, Robert. Now Robert has a chip on his shoulder as big as a tree and you will find yourself wanting to knock it off with a good swift kick many times in this story. McKenna sees their move as perhaps God's design; perhaps the inheritance she had failed to keep when they had to leave Missouri. Upon their arrival she finds her close friend and cousin dying, with her last wish that McKenna have the ranch and raise up her 5 year old daughter, Emma. Now McKenna has a brother that resents her, a new "daughter" so raise, a ranch that s about to be foreclosed on and on top of all that a U.S. Marshal named Wyatt Caradon who seems to be showing her some interest. You feel McKenna's pain in this story. She is trying so hard to love and help her brother, who rejects her constantly, trying to love little Emma, who just lost her Mom and keep everything running smoothly. Wyatt sees she needs help, but McKenna is not one who accepts help willingly.

I felt for McKenna. She loved her brother. No matter what he did, no matter if he derserved it or not. But sometimes you have to have "tough love" and how hard that is for anyone to have. The underlying message of this book, as the author stated, is brokenness. We all need to be broken and to give ourselves up to God. Letting go and letting God take charge. This was a message very well written into this story and I am so grateful that the author, Tamera Alexander finally got a chance to write this story and convey such a message of love. Well done and well worth your time to read. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. I have read other books by this author that I have really enjoyed, but I think this is one of her best!

Paperback: 374 pages
Publisher: Thomas Nelson; Original edition (March 1, 2009)
ISBN-10: 1595546324
ISBN-13: 978-1595546326

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