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What I really appreciated about this story and about this author is the reasons she gave for writing this story at the beginning of her book. "Regina Tittel's books are written to uplift and encourage each individual while also entertaining them with a great story. It is the author's prayer that Abandoned Hearts will clearly explain the benefit of scripture memorization and abstinence before marriage. Just because one dedicates their life to Christ doesn't mean they'll no longer be tempted. Temptations are the same for everyone; it is how we prepare ourselves for them that make the difference." Thank you Regina, I couldn't have said it any better!! And this story really did uplift and encourage and entertain!

Although you don't find instant attraction turning into love quite as quickly as it did in this story, it was very well written and believable for me as I was reading and getting to know the two main characters. Ann McHaven finds herself stranded in an old truck on a dirt road with a flat tire and rain is coming. When Jacob Durham comes across her on his horse they both form a dislike of one another, but also a form an interest in each other. Jacob likes her spunk and Ann likes his rugged good looks and a feeling of safety. She finds herself having to be rescued and staying at Jacob's cabin with his two small children, who instantly take a liking to Ann. The way Jacob talks to Ann and the way he can see right through her was fun and satisfying. Their spark of interest in each other was delightful to read about. The romance abounds in this story, but there is also danger lurking around and I found myself totally enjoying it all!

As a slight disclaimner, I started reading this book while my daughter started going into labor with our 5th grandchild and finished it while I spent the night at the hospital holding my grandchild, so who knows, I was a little distracted, so maybe my rating could have been even higher; but the book still held my interest through all the turmoil going on!
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