Monday, March 19, 2012

NOW AND ALWAYS by Lori Copeland

Katie Addison is a determined young woman, a hometown girl who has opened her ranch to abused woman and injured horses. She is fighting an uphill battle when it comes to finanically paying the bills, but determined to keep her home open for women who need help. Warrent Tate was a nerd in high school when Katie knew him, but has returned home as a successful business man who is "done" with women! (Katie would like to help him change his mind about that.) Sheriff Ben O'Keefe has never been able to get Katie to take him seriously, ever since he didn't show up to take her to her prom years ago. Katie has just taken in a high profile woman who is being abused and now mysterious things are starting to happen and someone seems out to get Katie and close down her home. Katie finds herself perplexed about who she can lean on for help, Warren or Ben??

I enjoyed reading this story. I really liked the way the women at Katie's home interacted and how they stood together in helping each other out. I liked the humorous way Ben and Katie interacted with each other, and enjoyed reading about Katie's obsession with her lattes. This was a heartwarming story filled with mystery, some danger and a complicated romance. The author had me guessing and wondering just who would end up catching Katie's heart. I must say the one who did, gets a "high five" from me for how he goes about doing it! Have fun reading this story and seeing how it ends!

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