Wednesday, March 7, 2012


This was a refreshing story to read. The description on the back of the book says it so well, "A book full of God's faithfulness, The Beach House warmly portrays the love, comfort, honesty and support friendship can offer women in the face of vulnerability, loss, change, and self-discovery". That is exactly what this book does. It is warmhearted and looks at how loving true friends can be as they honestly share with one another and support each other. These ladies seemed very real, as did their problems, and I appreciated how the author worked through each ladies emotional struggles and how the Lord played such an important part in helping each one of these ladies.

Four ladies who have known each other since high school find themselves drifting apart in life and so on the 40th birthday of one of them they all decide to meet at a beach house in San Diego for a week. Jo, Char, Molly and Andie come from different parts of the country but they all make it to San Diego and their friendship gets them through struggles and decisions each one is facing. It was such a great story of what true friends can do for each other and how much prayer and a persons testimony can change the course of events. I found myself thoroughly enjoying this story and seeing how God can and will work things out for His good. Well done Sally John!

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