Wednesday, March 28, 2012

OUT OF CONTROL by Mary Connealy

This was a fun western romance that keeps you smiling throughout the book, but you will also find danger, mystery, tragedy and loss. It captured my attention right from the beginning with the rescue of Julia from a deep cave she has been stranded in with a man who wanted to do her harm. Rafe Kincaid rescues her and from the beginning she totally disrupts his well ordered life. Rafe is someone who likes to be in control and trust me, Julia is someone who will stretch him to his limit, and find himself enjoying it in the process. Then there is Julia's family members to contend with and Rafe's long lost brothers to deal with and for someone who likes to be in control, Rafe finds himself "Out of Control". You can't help but like Julie, even though she is a little fixated on fossils, and the chemistry between Rafe and Julia is fun to read about.

All in all a totally enjoyable story with alot of it taking place underground in caves, which makes it different and interesting. I am looking forward to the next book in this series by an author who makes reading fun. As a side note, loved the cover of the book; good job.

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