Monday, June 25, 2012


This was a great ending to this series of books. The author brought it all together very well and several things happened that took me by surprise, which is always a plus for me. This story was as the title states, a "battle" fought between good and evil by pirates on the high seas. There was no lack for adventure as you were reading. You had the Evil Hezzan of Drummun, the Firefish and the Achawuk Territory to contend with. If you started with this book in the series then you are going to be a little lost I think. You really need to read these books in the order they were written ("The Legend of the Firefish", "The Hand That Bears the Sword", and "The Battle for Vast Dominion".)

In this story Packer Throme is now King of the Vast Dominion and must lead his people and show them that his power comes from above. He must lead his small fleet into enemy territory and then it all comes to an epic end when everyone converges in the Achawuk Territory to take on the Firefish. What a battle! What an ending! This really was an excellent mythical adventure with alot of lessons to be learned and alot of truth being taught as you read. This was not my typical genre of books that I read, but I must say it held my attention and kept me captivated as I was reading. I would easily recommend folks reading this series.

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