Sunday, June 17, 2012


This is book two in this series and I highly recommend you read these stories in the order in which they were written. Polivka writes this series with alot of action and adventure (and a little romance, which is something I always like in my reading). His characters are alive with struggles, failures, fears and hopes and what I thoroughly enjoy is how he weaves biblical truths into this fantasy world filled with pirates, dragons, and Kingdoms to conquer.

This book begins with Packer and Panna Throme, recent newlyweds who find the "honey-month" cut short when Packer must once again set sail on the high seas to protect his Kingdom of Nearing Vast against the evil Drammuns who have set sail to overtake Nearing Vast. The firefish once more play a big part in this story but with twists and turns I wasn't expecting. While Packer is gone Panna must await his return and try to free herself from the Prince who has her a captive in his palace.

I love pirates stories, but don't usually read alot of fantasy type story lines. This series though has captured my attention and kept me captivated and wanting to read book 3 to see how this story will end!

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