Tuesday, June 26, 2012

WINDS OF WYOMING by Rebecca Carey Lyles

This was a story full of mystery, suspense, and of course romance. The ranch in Wyoming was one I would like to visit and I would love to sit and visit with dear sweet Dymple! She was quite the character and the way she mixed up her words had me laughing out loud at times.

The real story though centered around Kate Neilson who is trying to leave her rough and troublesome past behind her and start fresh working at a ranch in Wyoming. She decides not to share her prison time with anyone, or the fact that someone has followed her here and wants to do her harm. Mike Duncan is trying to help his Mom run this "dude" ranch since his father past away. He has a passion and love for the buffalo, for the ranch, and is beginning to have feelings for Kate. But too many things are happening since she came "on board" and that makes their future together very unstable.

I liked the story line and the characters in this story. They seemed very real and had real problems to deal with. Life can be hard for people, but what I liked is how God can change folks and turn things around for good. I thought the author ended it rather abruptly, but I liked the ending. I look forward to reading more by this author.

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