Sunday, August 22, 2010

FIRE and ASH by Anne Patrick

This was another good story by Anne Patrick. Sadie McGregor is a fire investigator and the story starts right out with a deadly fire that Sadie is called out to in her home town of Emerald Point, Missouri. Although the fire was made to look like an accident, Sadie begins to uncover clues that it was arson and that someone took the life of a local college student, buy why?? Sadie finds herself working with the new Sheriff in town, Quinn Harrington. Sadie and Quinn quickly become friends and I enjoyed reading their interaction between each other; they both had a good sense of humor. But Sadie is still struggling with guilt from her childhood and the loss of her parents and brother when she was seven in a fire. Quinn tries to help her find her way back to a God who loves her, and also help her discover who the arsonist is and who is trying to "get rid of" anyone who comes to close to the truth.
This was a suspense, mystery and romance package all in one. I enjoyed reading it and learning how detailed a fire investigation gets and how much can be learned from the fire. A good job Anne Patrick!

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