Monday, August 30, 2010

SECRETS by Kristen Heitzmann

Secrets – that is the name of this book and this story was filled with all kinds of secrets! I won’t give any of the secrets away, but will tell you a little about some of the characters in the story. But before that, I must say, pay attention, to the first couple of chapters, because a lot of history is taking place and you need to understand the “jump” in time as you begin this book.
First there is the main lady in the story, Rece. She has grown up trying to be the best carpentry person she can be to make her carpentry Dad proud of her. But she has decided to start over again and has bought a old villa in the wine country and is restoring it as a bed and breakfast. She is tough lady to get close to, but deep down, she is yearning for acceptance and praise. Then there is the leading man, Lance. What a great character! He knows how to cook and reading about his dishes made me “drool” and wish for what he was making. He is in search of something for his grandmother and he ends up answering the add as a cook for Rece’s bed and breakfast, because what he is looking for is somewhere on her property. He tries so hard to break through Rece’s tough exterior. I loved it when he helps her “stress” at times by just taking her in his arms and giving her a good “ole” romantic kiss. Rece finally starts to share some of her secrets with Lance, but the problem is Lance does not reciprocate by sharing his. So when Rece realizes she has not been told the truth, she wants nothing more to do with Lance. There is also the feisty tell-it-like-it-is neighbor lady Evvy who doesn’t pull any punches, and Star, Rece’s friend from childhood who has a hard time knowing what true love and friendship really are. I enjoyed the story a great deal and I am getting ready to read the next book in the series and see what happens next with Rece and Lance and their relationship

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