Monday, August 9, 2010

SECRETS of OLD SANTA FE by Marion Kelley Bullock

A book of mystery and romance. Who is out to "get rid of" Elise Wells, when she shows up in Santa Fe for her mother's funeral? And did someone kill her mother?? Elise has alot of unanswered questions when she finds out her mother has died and she has alot of guilt to get over when she realizes she should have gone and visited her mother when her mother asked her to. And who is this man Ramon who contacted her, picked her up at the airport and seems to be a man of many moods. Then there is the matriarchal Aunt Maria and a few other relatives thrown into the mystery mix and you have to figure out "who did it". I enjoyed trying to figure it out myself as I was reading what everyone was trying to cover up and who the bad guy/girl really is/was.

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