Tuesday, August 3, 2010

SMOKE SCREEN by Stephanie Newton

Jack Rollins was a firefighter until he got hurt in a fire and now is the firehouse chaplain and pastor in his small coastal town. First his fiancee is murdered, than a dear friend, and it looks like the same arsonist in both fires and that someone is out to get anyone who gets close to Jake. So the FBI is called in and Chloe Davis has been assigned to the case. She is used to working on her own, but Jake Rollins is a man who is starting to get to her. Can they find the vengeful killer before anyone else gets hurt?
This was a good suspenseful story. I wasn't sure who the arsonist was myself until near the end of the book. It is book 3 in the Emerald Coast 911 series and I am enjoying the fact the the characters from the other books all tie in with this story too. Although you can read each book by itself, it is always nice to have characters from other books that you have come to know stay a part of the whole series.

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