Thursday, August 5, 2010

FLASHPOINT by Stephanie Newton

This is the 4th book in the Emerald Coast 911 series and I think I liked this story better than #3. Matt Clark is a firefighter with his partner Lara Hughes. They find themselves at a house fire that turns into a "time bomb" and they just get out before an explosion. When Lara sees a man lurking around the house after the fire, she realizes she has seen someone who did not want to be seen. Lara is now a witness, in need of protection and Matt, her partner wants to be her protector. Lara doesn't think she is worthy of anyone's affections because of her family and how messed up they have been. But Matt can't help how he feels, even though he has to play it "cool" so he doesn't scare her off.
I liked the way Matt and Lara "danced around" how they really felt about each other. They were partners so they know each other very well and liked to joke and have fun, but getting serious about each other was a whole new realm to their friendship. The ending of the book was an intense scene and I loved the way it turned out and the way Matt and Lara dealt with their true feelings. A good read! (You can read this book without reading the other books in this series, but it uses alot of characters from the other books in this series, so I recommend you read them in order.) I am looking forward to reading book 5 in this series!

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