Friday, December 17, 2010

DESERT FIRE by Marcia Lynn McClure

This was a quick and easy to read story, full of fun-romance, with some danger and mystery and a strong family bond. Malaina finds herself parched, sun-baked and staring into the eyes of Jackson McCall. She can't remember who she is and isn't even sure where she is. Jackson McCall is her rescuer who takes her back to his family home where his mother, Maggie, takes her in as the daughter she has always wanted. Jackson has two other brothers, Matthew and Baker and the 3 men make life very fun and interesting around their place. Bits and pieces of Alaina's memory slowly start to come back to her, but in the process Jackson finds himself risking his life to save her numerous times. In the end all 3 men find themselves a girl to cherish.

This was a fun story to read because the 3 brothers never took life too seriously, but handled each circumstance in life as it came and always seemed to have a positive attitude and a real close connection as a family. It doesn't mean they didn't share hardships because they did, but they didn't let the hardships get the best of them. I will enjoy reading more of Marcia Lynn McClure stories!

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