Friday, December 17, 2010

The FINDING of JASPER HOLT by Grace Livingston Hill

I begin my review of this book with the history of my love for this author, Grace Livingston Hill. I grew up reading her stories which I would get from my Grandmother every time I went to visit her. She had bookshelves of her books and I would always take a few home with me to read. I have since tried to collect all of her books in memory of my Grandmother. So I have a special fondness for these stories.
This story begins with a train wreck where Jean Grayson finds herself being rescued from death by Jasper Holt, a man folks don't have much good to say about. But the few days Jean has with stranger named Jasper proves to her that he really is a decent and good man deep down inside. Jasper knows her family will never aprove of him so he sets out to "prove his worth" to the townsfolk and be worthy of Jean. When a near fatal accident puts Jasper's life on the line, Jean finds herself rushing to his side no matter what people may think.
This is a story of how one good woman can change the heart of a man and show him there is good people in the world and how you live your life does make a difference in the world.

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