Wednesday, December 29, 2010

TEXAS TENDER by Sharon Gillenwater

This book could be easily read as a stand-alone story, although there are two other books (Love Song & Antiques) that were written before this one and would help you know some of the other characters in this book better. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story. I learned something about the growing of watermelons and the rabid animal epidemic that was in Texas. But what I took from the book more than anything is that we can and should trust the Lord in all our circumstances. We may not always understand why some things happen in this lifetime, but we can know "that in all things God works for the good of those who love him." As the author said, "Our job is to cling to his promise and let him do his work. Easily said, but not easily done."

Shelby Nolan has just found out she has inherited a watermelon farm in West Texas, but she has to share the farm with Deputy Logan Slade. Logan has helped work the farm since Jim took him in as a teenager. He always assumed Jim would leave the farm to him, so he was a little set back to discover that Jim had left half of it to Shelby, the grand-daughter of Jim's long lost love. The instant chemistry between Shelby and Logan will not disappoint those looking for some good romance. The suspicious digging going on around the farm will not disappoint those looking for just a little mystery. And the rabid coyotes will add some danger to the story. I espcially enjoyed the way Shelby interacted with all the characters. She had two older gentlemen as neighbors and it was fun to watch how she handled them in the story. She was one likable woman, but had to face some issues with trust.

This was a quick read for me, 269 pages, but it went by very fast, with a Christian theme to the story.

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