Friday, December 31, 2010

SEASIDE LETTERS by Denise Hunter

If you liked the movie "You've Got Mail", then you will love this story. I was hooked after just reading the first couple of pages. I like it when a story makes me sit up and pay attention or I will miss something, and this book started out that way for me. Sabrina is working at a local cafe on Nantucket Island (a place described in such a way that I would love to go and visit), and doing research for a local author, Renny. She finds herself serving a certain gentleman, Tucker McCabe, at the Cafe every day at the same time. She knows that he is the person she has been getting to know through a chat line on the computer, but she can't let him know who she is because of a situation that happened to her before she met him (which I won't tell you about, because it is better to discover some things by reading the book).

The craziness of it is that Tucker knows she is the lady on-line, and wants her to admit it, but feels if he reveals he knows, she will run from him. So they both play the game of not knowing. In order to get closer to her, Tucker hires her to come to his house read his e-mails and see if she can find clues to help him locate his mystery girl. It gets really hard to keep track of who knows what after awhile, but I loved the plot line and the craziness of it all.

I also enjoyed the author's note at the end, how she weaved in the fact that Sabrina is alot like people who feel they want to hide from God because of a shame over a sin they have committed, and don't feel they can be truly loved. Tucker is like our heavenly Father who loves us and is pursuing us and wants us to come to Him and trust Him fully. But He doesn't force Himself on us, He wants us to want Him.

The ending in the rain was one of the best romantic scenes as I pictured it in my mind and loved the way the author ended the story. It was a fun read, with some sad moments. But it just showed that a moment of weakness can have devastating affects which really do influence alot more people then we might know. Tucker was so patient and understanding which is a great quality and so ready to forgive, another great quality. You will want to give yourself some time to read, because when you pick up this story, you are going to want to read it straight through!

I would also like to thank whoever did the cover on this book. They obviously read the story and did a good job of putting alot of details in the story on the cover!

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