Monday, January 3, 2011

THE PIRATE RUSE by Marcia Lynn McClure

I have read some pirate stories in the past that I really enjoyed, and this one goes right up there with the best! The title of the book is very fitting for this story. Navarrone the Blue Blade sails the seas on his ship The Merry Wench. He comes upon another pirate ship attacking the Brits and decides to attack them both and take the plunder for himself. He wasn't planning though on rescuing a damsel in distress, Cristabel Albay. Cristabel has a great disdain for pirates, so she gives Navarrone a real "run for his money" after he rescues her. As Navarrone said in the book, Cristabel was, "strong-willed, witty, brave and beautiful. She was feminine, yet not fragile - a woman of rare worth." But Navarrone is not your ordinary pirate and he is out to keep Cristabel his prisoner until he figures out why she was abducted from her home in New Orleans by the British.

There was alot of action packed pirate fights and adventures in this story. There were also some very noble and decent pirates in the story, along with some disgusting pirates, that you would normally think of when you picture them in your mind (at least in my mind). I liked Navarrone the Blue Blade Pirate as he had desires like any red-blooded pirate, but he also had high moral standards when it came to the ladies and it was refreshing to read, although I am not sure if in real life any like him would have existed. There were many passionate scenes in the book, but I appreciated the fact that this author didn't let their passion go further that some very good kissing scenes. For me it made the book that much more enjoyable as anything beyond that would have bumped it from my "favorites" category.

There is also a very tender story about a young lady that Navarrone has a picture of in his cabin. Cristabel becomes jealous of this lady, until she discovers the story behind the picture. A great picture of the love we should all show towards people, because we never know what that person has gone through and is going through. Outward appearances can be very deceptive, we need to learn to look beyond the circumstances and see the person and love them. It was a beautiful sub-plot to the story.

I was captivated by the story all the way through and the more I read, the more I enjoyed all the characters in the book. This was just an all around good story and if you are looking for action, adventure, mystery and intrigue, with alot of emotion and passion, then this is a book to read.

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