Tuesday, January 11, 2011

THE ROGUE KNIGHT by Marcia Lynn McClure

Marcia Lynn McClue really knows how to write some fabulous kissing scenes! And there were several in this story. Fontaine finds a man freezing to death at the servant's entrance and quickly rescues him and sets about to restore his health. Knight is the name the man goes by and seeks to repay Fontaine for her kindness by rescuing her from her wicked Aunt, Lady Wetherton. Knight finds himself fallilng for Fontaine's wit, her smile, her intelligence, her innocence and her kisses. But there are things Fontaine doesn't know about Knight and he feels if she did know it would ruin her feelings for him.

This was a story I read to completion in a day and it was good to the very last page! This is just a good romantic story in the days when there were noble "knights" who had passion and love for their "lady" in distress. Kind of put me in the mood of "Cinderella" and her wicked stepmother relationship, with a mysterious "Prince Charming" in disguise.

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Sherry Kuhn said...

She's such a good romantic writer. This was a short but great story. Glad you liked it too.