Tuesday, January 4, 2011

WHAT SARAH SAW by Margaret Daley

This story is a good mystery. Not everything is resolved in this book, which makes the series a good one, as you will want to keep reading to see how the whole mystery ends. A single mom has vanished (shortly after her husband died mysteriously), leaving her 3 year old daughter, Sarah, with her brother. Child psychologist Jocelyn Gold knows the family and wants to work with Sarah to see if she can tell her what she saw and what she knows. FBI agent Sam Pierce is also called in to help with the case. Sam and Jocelyn have worked together before and although both of them have been hurt in the past, they feel drawn to one another.

This was a well written mystery, with lots of characters and possibilities of "who did it". I can't say why, but I never could get into this story. I didn't feel the suspense or intrigue that I have in other mysteries. It was there, I just wasn't. There was a good theme throughout the book how we must give our heartaches and struggles over to God, because we can't fix everything and not all situations turn out the way we would want them. There is evil in the world and bad things do happen to good people and to children. We can't understand this, but we can give our struggles over to God, who can help us through those difficult situations. He does care!

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