Thursday, January 6, 2011

NOTHINGS As It SEEMS by Kerri Fraser

The title does the story line of this book justice. There are alot of characters in the story who are not who they portray themselves to be. Miri is a single mom raising her son and working at a Rehabilitation Facility. She has a male employee, Del, who has some secrets, a patient and his relatives, who aren't who they claim to be and an ex-husband who also turned out differently. Miri though is "what you see is who I really am". She has a love for her life, her child, her family and espcecially her Lord, who she depends upon to get her through all her situations in life. Even her growing fondness for James, an unbeliever who turns out to be her protector.

There is alot of mystery, danger and suspense in this story. There is is also underlying romance between Miri and James. What I enjoyed the most though was the values Miri had because she was a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, and how she stood by those beliefs and how they made a difference in everyone around her. Living your life for the Lord does make a difference and it was great to see how it made a difference in the men in Miri's life.

I also enjoyed James and how he tried to deal with his interest in Miri, while at the same time trying to keep his mind focused on his job. He knew Miri would not pursue a relationship with him unless he was a believer, but I admired him for not making his decision just to please Miri. The author kept this story real; real struggles, real questions, and real answers. I was refreshed from having read this story. It made me see the the importance of reaching out to people and getting to know them. I wish Miri could have been bolder in talking to James about the Lord, but there again, it was real life; how many of us are afraid that if we say too much we will lose that friendship we so greatly desire. Good job Kerri Fraser! This is my first book to read of hers, but I hope in the future to see more of her work. This was a hard story to put down, so make sure you have time to read it when you get started, because you are gong to want to keep turning the pages until the end!

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