Saturday, January 22, 2011

STARDUST by Shari MacDonald

If my husband read this book (which he would NEVER do) he would probably say it would make a great "chic flick". That is okay with me, because I like those kind of movies. Gillian Spencer grew up as the daughter of great astrophysicist, so it is little wonder that she knew alot about astronomy. She just wished her Dad would have been as interested in her as he was in his work. Max Bishop was one of her Dad's students when Gillian was 16 and she never quite got over her "love" for him. Now she finds herself all grown up and unexpectedly partnering with Max on an astronomy project. They of course have an attraction to each other, but Gillian has a hard time giving her heart to anyone.

I liked the way this story was written. You kep getting flashbacks to Gillian's diary from 10 years ago and then to the present time. I enjoyed getting to know Gillian better by these flashbacks and to understand where she was coming from in her thoughts and feelings about love and about God and the Bible. As a person working in the scientific world I understood a little of how hard it is for them to accept the facts of God and his Word and appreciated Max's take on faith and how science and the Bible can work together. It was a well written story with a subject line that was unique and well done.

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