Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Deborah Raney has done it again! She has written another great story in the Clayburn Series. This can definately be stand-alone story, although there are a few characters mentioned from the first two books in this series. This story touched on some emtionally tough situations, and they were all handled very well. There was the death of a spouse, the loss of a mother and child, the emotions that follow, the mistakes that can be made and the love that can eventually be found. There is also the hurt one can feel when rejected. Emotions ran high when I read this story, at times there was deep sadness, at other times happiness and at one point even tears. There were alot of good lessons to learn for anyone going through a death of a loved one and then the contemplation of marrying again; and for someone thinking about marrying someone who has lost a loved one.

Douglas DeVore never thought he would be left with 5 kids to raise on his own, with two jobs trying to keep the bills paid. He never thought his life would change one day and his beloved Kaye and their little Rachel would be gone.
Mickey Valdez, a 30 something single daycare teacher, is aware of the tragedy, as some of the children are in her daycare. But she has never known Doug as anyone other than a happily married father of some of her daycare children. So when she tries to reach out and help him, she begins to discover her feelings for him. But are his feelings for her love or some other need in his life right now? Can they figure out their true feelings before someone gets terribly hurt?

Your heart will feel for each of these characters and your emotions will go from sorrow to joy and back again. But when you are done, you will hopefully say you were really glad you read this book.

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