Friday, January 14, 2011

A TEXAS SKY by Lori Wick

This is book two in the series and although you could read it as a stand alone, it would be much better if you read book one first, so you could get some background on Dakota Rawlings. This is a story of two people who have just recently come to a saving faith in the Lord. They are growing in their walk with the Lord and at the same time, without either really being aware of it, they are growing in their relationship to each other. I appreciated so much the way the author weaved the scriptures into this story, in a very real and natural way. It was a good view of the thoughts and feelings and issues people experience when a loved one doesn't understand the decisions one makes for eternity.

Dakota is a Texas Ranger healing from a shoot-out he was involved in. While he is not on the job he offers to take his boss' niece, Darvi, to visit her close friend in another town. From there we go to Darvi being kidnapped, to Dakota rescueing her, to Darvi going back to St. Louis, to Dakota finally realizing that the feelings he has for Darvi are more than just friendship.

It was a most unusual kidnapping and there seemed to be alot of little stories inside this one story. I am a BIG fan of Lori Wick and she did another great job. Her books just make you feel good after having read them. I am looking forward to book 3 next!

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