Sunday, January 16, 2011

CITY GIRL by Lori Wick

This is book 3 and the last in the Yellow Rose Trilogy. It is not necessary, but makes the reading of this story easier to understand, if you read the first two in the series first. This is a series of books that I was so glad I read. I was not disappointed in any of them.

Hard to believe that some folks can grow up without really knowing love and having never learned how to trust folks. But that is the way of Reagan Sullivan, who grew up on her own for most of her life in New York City in the late 1800s. So it isn't any wonder she decides she wants to be adventurous and accepts a job in Texas (which falls through when she gets there and she ends up as a cook). The folks Reagan gets to know is this town help her to learn the true meaning of love and help her see there is a God she can trust in and who loves her. It was encouraging to see how one lives really does have an impact on others, even when we may not even know it.

Cash Rawlings is eventually brought into the story (and you get to know him better from the first two books). He is such a longsuffering, patient and understanding man and he has watched his two younger brothers come to the Lord and is praying for his Dad and Mom. Then he starts to help Reagan with her understanding of God, love and trust. Reagan ends up living out at Cash's ranch and helping his housekeeper until she recovers from an accident. It was a tender time as you see Cash's patience and waiting on the Lord's timing to see if Reagan was the woman God had for him. I felt the author ended this series well and appreciated so much the way she weaved the Scriptures into her story. Not in a forced in your face way, but in a very natural and positive way and I so appreciated it. Another good job Lori Wick.

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