Wednesday, January 12, 2011


A review alert! Lori Wick has always been a favorite author of mine and I have a special fondness for her books. That said, this book was another one of her best. It was fun to read and when I finished I closed the book with a contented sigh at the end (and was ready to start book #2 in this series). I am not too sure how often you would find a lady like Liberty Drake in real life when this story took place (late 1800s), but she could do it all; from pulling a gun on people, to playing the piano in church, helping her family with preparing meals to helping out old ladies in town and finally capturing a certain Texas Ranger's heart.

Liberty first meets the Ranger, Slater Rawlings, when she arrests him for not turning over his gun in the saloon. Slater goes from angry, to shocked to amused by this lady deputy, who helps out her brother, the sheriff in Shotgun, when he needs her. You quickly learn to love Liberty and her family, especially little Laura. There was romance, and some danger, and alot of fun in this story. These folks had a real love for the Lord and it showed in the way they lived their lives and it was refreshing to read. If you just want to read a heartwarming story and feel good at the end, then this book will not disappoint you!

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