Wednesday, January 26, 2011

TO ECHO THE PAST by Marcia Lynn McClure

This was another great short story by Marcia Lynn McClure! If you read "Desert Fire" and liked it (and I am sure if you read it, you liked it!), then you won't be disappointed with this story either. It is great as a stand alone, but does follow the characters in Desert Fire. The McCall family is just a family I would have loved to lived close to. This is a story about Jackson and Malaina McCall's son, Michael. You are first introduced to a young lady whose family has moved out West . The Clarkston family left the city in the East, with its shops, bakeries, automobiles and operas, to live in a dusty, brown, lifeless town, at least that is how Brynn Clarkston described it. But when she meets up with Michael McCall, she suddenly decides the town does have some good points. But she can't believe Michael could be interested in her, he is just "flirting" with her. Michael is a hoot! I loved the way he was around Brynn and I loved the way she was always responding to things he said to her.

This was a short story but packed full of delight! The interaction between these 2 characters kept me smiling, laughing and closing the book with a big sigh! There was alot of romance and a little bit of action and adventure. I love the way this author writes!

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