Monday, December 13, 2010

A MAN'S HEART by Lori Copeland

This book had several firsts for me in reading it. It was the first story I have read where the main characters were both potato growers in Washington. It was also the first where the lady backs out of her wedding not once but twice to the same man and all over her desire to study more on potatoes!
Jules has broke off her wedding to Cruz in the beginning of the book for the second time now and Cruz is not going to wait around for Jules this time, while she goes back to school for 4 years. Fast foward 4 years and you have Jules back in town, her Dad has died, her long lost sister is back in town and her best friend Sophie (Cruz's sister) has just found out she has cancer. Jules is now ready to commit to marriage but Cruz wants nothing to do with her. Whats a woman to do!
Although I enjoyed reading this book, I had a hard time with Jules whole thought process, where her love of studying and trying to raise the perfect potato would take precedence over committing to the love of her life, Cruz. And I really had a hard time with the way she treated her sister, Crystal (who I enjoyed alot). Some of Crystal's "mishaps" made me laugh out loud, as well as Cruz and his brother Adan trying to "potty train" their little niece.
I would work on the cover of the book as the lady on the front does not match the Jules described in the story. A special thanks to Zondervan and LibraryThing Early Reviewers for sending me this book for review. To check out the Zondervan link to this book go to

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