Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Although you could read this story as a stand alone, I recommend you read it as it was written; 3rd in this Regency series. It will help you understand the background of the characters so much more if you read them in the order they were written. My favorite of the 3 stories was the second book.

This is the story of Ariana's sister, Beatrice Forsythe and is set in England in 1818. Beatrice has seen her sister marry Mr. Phillip Mornay and step into the "high society" with a country estate and a town house in London, and Beatrice now dreams of finding a man she can marry that can give her all those "things". She finds herself drawn though to the new curate (the clergyman) in the area, Mr. O'Brien (which you will have met in the previous story), and she also finds herself falling for Mr. Barton who had just moved into the estate next to her sister. Beatrice must decide what she really wants and values in a husband and real character is revealed when her sister falls deathly ill.

This was a pleasant book to read, but not a "can't put down page turner" for me. It helped me understand the customs and way of things in this time period and had some drama and suspense in it. I liked how it kept the other characters from the previous stories as central characters in this book also. It was not a "fast-paced" book, but I felt life in England at that time was not a "fast-paced" lifestyle. It was a nice conclusion to this trilogy.

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