Thursday, March 3, 2011


This is another good story in the CHAIM series. Although you could easily read this story as a stand-alone book, there are references to characters and situations from other stories in the series. I was a a predictable story line, but what girl doesn't like reading about being protected by a handsome English CHAIM agent.

Kit Atkins needs protection since she has lost her husband and is getting threats on her life. Shane is the man for the job. But Kit has a hard time doing what she is told and Shane has a hard time only seeing her as an assignment. Somehow her enemies keep finding them (even at Shane's remote ranch in Texas), and although Shane has an idea who the "bad guy" is, Kit would never believe him because this person is to Kit a true friend. There is intrigue, suspense, danger with alot of romance mingled in and since it is a short read it is a nice book to pick up in an evening and instead of watching a movie, read this book!

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